June 29, 2009

Madness Monday – Ann Sharp Laughlin

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Monday MadnessEver since DAR turned me down based on the inadequate proof I had given them for the relationship between Ann Sharp Laughlin and her father John Sharp Sr, I’ve been rather obsessed over finding enough proof.

Plan for next week is to pay to have someone go into the SoCal Genealogy library and copy the info I need from Thomas Price and Susan Sharp.

This week though, I’ve asked Jim from my local ILL to try to get the bibliography information from the proof I used from Granddad was a Cowboy by Alice Hammond Brooks. Perhaps she will list further sources, and lead my treasure hunt onto the real proof that I can then give to DAR and prove the real father of Ann Sharp Laughlin.


June 23, 2009

Madness Monday – Ann Sharp Laughlin

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I’ve been driven to distraction lately by trying to find out who her father was. I thought I knew it….John Sharp Sr….three different genealogical books claim this is true. However, one….only one that I’ve found, claims her father is Thomas Sharp. And NONE of the books have their sources cited!

Dyer Descendants and Related families cites a book:  Thomas King and Susan Sharp and Allied Families 1970 by Rogers & Bullock

But of course, I can’t get a hold of that book! If anyone knows how I can get a copy of this book, pleae let me know!

June 8, 2009

Monday Madness – Just because its in a book…

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How do I know, really really know, who their parents were? Its all the Genealogical Proof Standard. And yet, the GPS isn’t good enough for lineage societies, like the Daughters of the American Revolution.  So when I’m doing research, for just my family….should I go for the GPS, or the lineage society version?

I could of course go for the GPS, and let whoever comes behind me do the real money work, like ordering all the death certificates, etc. At least until I can actually afford to start getting them.

These things get expensive!

May 25, 2009

Madness Monday – You spin my head right round…

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Yes, I am driving myself nuts going around in circles. After about the 7th time of realising I was looking at the exact same record, looking for the exact same information that I did a few days before, it smacked me in the head! Research logs.

You see, if I had filled out these handy little bits of useful paper, I would have realised the second time around I didn’t need to go through it again. Or the third time, fourth, fifth, sixth…. I’m guessing I would have saved ALOT of my own personal time and aggravation.

Can you guess what I’m filling out now? Yep, research logs…and I’ll tell you, it makes things so much easier!

May 18, 2009

Madness Monday – The Townsends

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 Monday MadnessPutting aside my own family trees and all their knots aside for the moment, I want to focus on another prospective member of DAR who has been trying to find information on her tree for two years now and is ready to throw in the towel. Her patriot ancestor is Amasa Townsend, born in 1730 in Hebron, C T. The 1790 census has him in New York. He isn’t the problem.

He had numerous children: Anna, Amasa (his oldest son), Phoebe, Warring, Huldah, Samuel and Calvin. Only Calvin is a proven child of Amasa for DAR. Amasa Jr still needs to be proven, as possibly, his son, Rufus.

I’ve seen books with Amasa and Amasa, and Amasa and Rufus, so I know the relationships. However, its so tenuously put forward, that it certainly wouldn’t be accepted by DAR as enough proof. Heck, I even know what cemeteries they were all buried in…Townsend Cemetery in South Hartford, NY, Douglas Cemetery in Altona, NY, and Hillside Rest Cemetery in Bombay, NY.

Hmmmm….I wonder if there are burial records available that would establish parentage…..

May 11, 2009

Madness Monday – Phebe Newton

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Monday MadnessAm I obsessed with her? Is she the cause of a certain tinge of insanity called obsession?

Damnit, I know nothing about her, other than they (John Laughlin and Phebe) definitely married, and the date of that marriage was 4 Dec 1794. Looking at the dates that I have for their children, I noticed I do not have death dates for two of the children, a girl and a boy. Could they have died as infants? Could the reason why I don’t have a death date for Phebe be because she died in childbirth?

If you take those theories into account, then the 1810 census in Caldwell County, KY, matches up perfectly. However, there is the Knox County, KY 1810 census that has a John Laughlin neighbors to two Newton families, with the heads of household being named William and Isaac Newton.

Going on a theory that Isaac and William were brothers, I found someone who had two brothers, Isaac and William, in their Newton genealogy, but it seems that her William and Isaac Newton were not the same William and Isaac Newton that I was seeing, as her Newton banch did not go to Kentucky at all.

Well, damn. It still doesn’t discount that perhaps Isaac and William Newton in the 1810 census in Knox Co, KY are family members of Phebe’s. The woman did point me towards a Peter Newton line out of Caroline County, VA.

Its more than I had before, I guess.

May 4, 2009

Madness Monday – Washington County, VA

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Washington County, Virginia then was not Washington County, VA now. It took up the entire southwest portion of Virginia back then, and perhaps even some of what we would consider Tennessee now, as the above map shows. The Tennessee border changed quite a few times. The John Laughlin that I’m currently obsessed about (see any previous post about John and Phebe Newton Laughlin) apparently went from Washington County, VA to Kentucky, however, his father bought land in Tennessee.

If anyone has any idea on how to find land records for Alexander Laughlin in early Tenessee, I would be highly appreciative, as it’s been giving me a headache with all the state border changes, however eye-opening it is that state borders were not as cemented back then in the late 1700s as they are now.

Hoping to track his father, it may give me a hint as to where John could have gone with his family. I did find an 1810 census record in Knox County, KY that lists a John Laughlin next door to two Newton families. Is this Phebe’s family? Brothers? Uncles? Cousins?

C’mon Phebe….show yourself to me!

April 27, 2009

Madness Monday!

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Monday MadnessThe whole folder thing has really allowed me to focus solely on the main two  branches of my father’s side of the family. Other than John and Phebe, fortunately, I really don’t have many brickwalls on these two branches. I have only done direct ancestry so far and haven’t really gone into the cousins and so forth, though. I’m sure there are walls there somewhere along the line.

I want to print out the 1930 census for my grandmother and her husband (refuse to call him my grandfather…the jerk), and I can’t wait for the 1940 census to come out so I can track his whereabouts as well as that of my grandmother’s and my uncle and dad. Sometimes, this genealogy really makes me wish I could twitch my nose and go back in time, if not to find these people and get the truth from them, but to sometimes (in this case) slap them silly.  Anyone else feel this way, or am I just unique? *goofy grin*

As for John and Phebe, I did find a Newton in the same county at about the same time they were married. The landholder’s name was Shederick Newton. Could be her father, but I’ve been able to find nothing but his baptismal record in Pennsylvania to his parents Hugh and Elinor Newton. No idea if he had children, a wife, nothing. Can’t even really find anything on Hugh and Elinor. So, so far, no true connection there….yet.

April 20, 2009

Monday Madness – John and Phebe Laughlin

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Monday MadnessI can’t say how frustrating this couple has been for me, and my family. As you’ve been able to see in my previous posts, and there’s much conflict as far as where they lived.

According to the McConnell Memorablia (and included Laughlin Bible pages), John Laughlin was born 14 September 1770 to Alexander and Ann Sharp Laughlin. Alexander and Ann are both buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Bristol, Virginia. He married Ann Sharp in Washington County, VA on 09 November 1769. Since the dates are so close together, I’m going to hazard a guess and say that  John was born there as well.

John’s father, Alexander is reputed to have bought land in Sullivan County, Tennessee in about 1782 and 1783. I still have to find those records, but if so, that would put John and the rest of his siblings there as well at that time, since John was only about 12 at the time, that is if they had to move there to buy the land.

However, then, Alexander and Ann somehow end up back in Virginia and die there in the 1800s.

It is agreed upon the three sources I have (Southwest Louisiana Records, the Laughlin Bible, and the Journal of Samuel Hervey Laughlin) that the name of John’s wife was Phebe Newton. Now the where is interesting….Virginia, Tennessee, or Kentucky?

John’s last son, Granville ‘s marriage records on the Southwest Louisiana Records says that he’s from Virginia. Granville’s son, Francis’ death certificate, says Granville was born in Kentucky. The Grace History is quite specific in saying that Granville was born in Caldwell County, Kentucky.

We know nothing about Phebe. We know nothing about John after his marriage date in 1794 (Laughlin Family Bible), other than the names and dates of birth of their children.

March 30, 2009

Madness Monday – Elizabeth Hale

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Monday MadnessI’m going to start with one of the easier brick walls I have. As much as I’d love to start with the biggest one, I’m picking Elizabeth A. Hale. Things I definitely know:

  • She married on March 17, 1873, Adolph G Assenheimer in New Orleans, LA. (source: marriage certificate to Adolph Assenheimer)
  • She was born in Kentucky. (source: marriage certificate to Adolph G Assenheimer)
  • Her parents names were William and Maria Hale. (source: marriage certificate to Adolph G Assenheimer)
  • She died before 1890. (source: Adolph G Assenheimer’s death certificate lists him as a widower).