July 15, 2009

Transcription of A. Riggs’ Pension app pt 3

Posted in genealogy at 12:38 PM by Kris P

Continuing on from the previous two posts, this one is a little more illegible as it seems parts of the ink smudged or something.

After being drafted, his company rendevoused at Accomack Courthouse Va. and was immediately thereafter in each of his several tours marched out + joined the main army under the command of Geo. Washington. His companies to which he belonged, in every instance — in that division of the army commanded by Gen La Fayette. He does not remember whether here was an Colonel that exercised an immediate command over him. He was engaged in the Battle of Bandywine in which he was wounded and where — William Bickman and two cousins — Ingans (Ingess?) + William Ingans (Ingess?) were killed. He was also engaged in skirmish at Wilmington. — is ——- from top of memory to fix the times when his several tours commanded on — Capt. — commandeda company from the adjoiing County of Northampton. He canot recollect the names of any other of the officers engaged in the army with him.


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