July 12, 2009

Transcription of A. Riggs’ pens. app part 2

Posted in genealogy at 10:03 PM by Kris P

Continuation from the last post:

That he entered the service of the United States and served under the following named officers as herein after stated –

1st he was born in the County of Accomack, Virginia —

2nd He is now about eighty-six years of age. He does not recollect his birthday – His age is set down in his father’s Bible – which he expects, — in Virginia. He states it — from recollection.

3rd He was three times drafted — sd County of Accomack, in the Continental — of the Virginia troops on tours of nine months each. The first tour —- by Captain Gilcrease of sd County. The second by Capt Levin Teagle, the third by Capt. Thomas Parker.

So far, we’ve got a bunch of information:

1. a Captain Levin Teagle, Captain Thomas Parker, and Captain Gilcrease all possibly in Brandywine.

2. He was born in Accomack County, VA. I’d like to verify this as well.

3. There’s a family Bible that was/possibly still is floating around. This could shed light. I have a copy of a later Riggs family Bible but it starts with Abraham’s son Eli.


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