July 5, 2009

Happy 4th everyone!

Posted in Daughters of the American Revolution, genealogy at 1:44 PM by Kris P

Being very close to being the newest member of DAR (Thursday can’t come fast enough!), the 4th of July has meant alot to me this year. What did my ancestors do to celebate? Were they even celebrating, or still hard at fighting? How was the fighting changing ther lives? Were they scared? Was Ann Sharp Laughlin scared to lose her husband and the father of her children? Or was she proud of him and the rest of her family for fighting for what they believed in?

As I was talking yesterday to our registrar, I mentioned to her that I may pay someoen to go check the Southern Cal. Historical Society for the Thomas Price and Susan Sharp book to see if there is any hard proof of Ann’s parentage, as I do believe that Ann and Susan were sisters. She told me not to spend the money, that there may be other DAR members in that area that would be willing to help me for free. That would be nice!

I can’t wait to get my membership number and welcome packet! I am so excited as the days wind down.


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