June 28, 2009

A walk on the fire side

Posted in genealogy at 1:55 PM by Kris P

The very last installment of my dissection of the obituaries for Charles Assenheimer Jr. leads me into the question why members of the Lafayette Fire Company No. 1 were also specifically invited to his funeral.

After finding out that he is interred at Greenwood cemetery in New Orleans, I did a search about the Lafayette Co. No.1. I couldn’t find any information, however, I did find information that led me to the Firemen’s Charitable and Benevolent Association.

From living close to Greenwood cemetery as a child, I remember there was a statue of a man holding a firehose, as a rememberance to all the firemen.

Looking into Greenwood Cemetery, the wesite states:

The Firemen’s Charitable & Benevolent Association (FCBA) was formed in 1834 to provide relief for its needy members who volunteered to protect New Orleans from the ravages of fire. The FCBA founded Cypress Grove Cemetery in 1840 and Greenwood Cemetery in 1852 as permanent memorials to the volunteer firemen who gave their courage and, sometimes, their lives to protect their neighbors.

So, it seems that not only was Charles a Mason, and a Druid, but also a volunteer fireman.

And finally, pictures of his family tomb:




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