June 7, 2009

Famous Ancestors…

Posted in genealogy at 10:15 PM by Kris P

22. Dish the dirt on your celebrity ancestors. Don’t have a movie star in the tree? Then talk about ancestors famous for other reasons. This is your chance to be an historical gossip columnist!

Hmmmm….I really don’t have any celebrities in my tree that I know of. A great grandmother that married at 15, that’s kinda juicy.  Yes, Edgie Lee Pope married her husband, Jasper Emmett Smith in 1916.  She was born 26 jan 1901.

Ancestry.com has the following Louisiana Marriage Index:

Name: Edgie Pope
Spouse: J. Emmett Smith
Marriage Date: 18 Mar 1916
Marriage Place: Washington

Also, her father Earnest L. Pope supposedly ran off with a family friend or cousin that he impregnated. I was hoping, as I mentioned in an earlier post that perhaps he had died of a horrific accident, but I found him in the Louisiana Statewide Death Index:

Name: Earnest L Pope
Death Date: 27 Mar 1941
Estimated Birth Year: 1875
Age: 66 Years
Gender: Male
Race: White or Mexican (White)


Parish: W. Carroll
Certificate Number: 4572
Volume: 10
Title: Louisiana Statewide Death Indices 1940-1944


My mother’s side always has the interesting freaks…*laughs*


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