May 29, 2009

Falling Down Friday- Ophelia Ginn Pope

Posted in genealogy at 3:03 PM by Kris P

I wanted to post so badly yesterday, but you know….brick walls fall down when you least expect them to, right? And a huge brick wall fell for me over the past few days. I just couldn’t get away from it to post!

On my mother’s side, my great grandmother’s name was Edgie Lee Pope. I couldn’t go any further than her, and it was frustrating the heck out of me. I finally put it aside, then on a whim, Wednesday, I googled “Edgie Pope” instead of “Edgie Lee Pope”, and up popped a school census from 1915. And there on the same census was her future husband, Jasper Emmet Smith.

The odd part is that it listed her parent as a “M.M. Simmons”. So, I goggled “M.M. Simmons” and found he married a widow by the name of Sophie Ginn Pope.  YES! So, her husband must have died before their marriage in 1909.

But my mother emailed me and told me the family rumor said that her first husband, Earnest L Pope, actually left her for another woman, a female cousin or friend who was pregnant with his child. Oooooh, the intrigue! But I had to confirm this. I was secretly hoping Earnest had died of an awful accident than cheat on his wife and mother of 4 children to leave her alone with them, and run off with his pregnant mistress.

Louisiana Death Index has him dying in 1941 though. He’s earned the nickname now of “The Rat”.

I did find the cemetery records of Ophelia “Sophie” Ginn Pope Simmons and her second husband M.M. Simmons. Not very far from the resting place of her daughter, Edgie Lee Pope Smith.

I still knew Ophelia as “Sophie” and couldn’t find who her parents were, till I searched Pope on the Ginn message boards on I came up with a post from a lady who had records listing an Ophelia Ginn who married an Ernest Pope, daughter of Seymore and Julia Magee Ginn.

I was hoping to find her on the 1880 census but still had no luck, till I came across a “Semore Gruinn” with the wife of Julia and daughter of Ophelia. Gee, you think we may have a case of a mispelled name? I think so!

Going to do more searching now!


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