May 25, 2009

Madness Monday – You spin my head right round…

Posted in Madness Monday at 8:18 PM by Kris P

Yes, I am driving myself nuts going around in circles. After about the 7th time of realising I was looking at the exact same record, looking for the exact same information that I did a few days before, it smacked me in the head! Research logs.

You see, if I had filled out these handy little bits of useful paper, I would have realised the second time around I didn’t need to go through it again. Or the third time, fourth, fifth, sixth…. I’m guessing I would have saved ALOT of my own personal time and aggravation.

Can you guess what I’m filling out now? Yep, research logs…and I’ll tell you, it makes things so much easier!


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  1. amyrebba said,

    Yes it does. At some point I finally realized what you just did and when I did I made tremendous progress in my research. Keep up the good work.

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