May 22, 2009

Tumbling Walls – The Townsend Family

Posted in genealogy at 2:23 PM by Kris P

Yesterday was a great day for me with the Townsend research. I was able to find transcribed records of Hebron, CT marriages, which prove Amasa Townsend and Phebe Ingham’s marriage on 29 Jan 1756. Then, within 10 minutes, I was able to find birth records on Amasa Townsend Jr, which connect him to Amasa Sr.
Now comes the more difficult part of trying to find information on Amasa Jr’s son Rufus born in 1793. The problem is that there seems to be no definitive place where Rufus was born. Reportedly, the family could have been in Hancock, MA during that time, but they also moved to Wallingford, VT around that time as well, oh and let’s not forget, they also ended up in Oswegatchie, NY.
So I looked in the 1790 census, thinking that wherever Amasa Jr was living, that there would be Rufus born 3 years later. But I’m not finding them in MA or VT, but possibly NY. Need to check the census more closely today and figure that one out, see if its the right family.
If so, then it’s time to look for NY birth records.


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