May 18, 2009

Madness Monday – The Townsends

Posted in Daughters of the American Revolution, Madness Monday at 8:43 PM by Kris P

 Monday MadnessPutting aside my own family trees and all their knots aside for the moment, I want to focus on another prospective member of DAR who has been trying to find information on her tree for two years now and is ready to throw in the towel. Her patriot ancestor is Amasa Townsend, born in 1730 in Hebron, C T. The 1790 census has him in New York. He isn’t the problem.

He had numerous children: Anna, Amasa (his oldest son), Phoebe, Warring, Huldah, Samuel and Calvin. Only Calvin is a proven child of Amasa for DAR. Amasa Jr still needs to be proven, as possibly, his son, Rufus.

I’ve seen books with Amasa and Amasa, and Amasa and Rufus, so I know the relationships. However, its so tenuously put forward, that it certainly wouldn’t be accepted by DAR as enough proof. Heck, I even know what cemeteries they were all buried in…Townsend Cemetery in South Hartford, NY, Douglas Cemetery in Altona, NY, and Hillside Rest Cemetery in Bombay, NY.

Hmmmm….I wonder if there are burial records available that would establish parentage…..


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