May 18, 2009

Blogging prompt 19 and 20: Records Repositories

Posted in genealogy at 1:08 AM by Kris P

19. Describe your favorite records repository. Why is it your favorite? What types of records does it contain? Do you have any advice for first-time visitors?

20. Talk about a least favorite records searching experience. Did you have a run-in with a cranky court clerk? Did you butt heads with an over-protective records manager? Share your pain on your blog and commiserate with others who have put up their genealogical dukes in the name of family history.

Well, I’ve never gone to a records repository. I have been wanting to go to the local Family History Center, but I don’t know if it would be worth my time. I don’t know what they really have. Do they have actual microfilmed original documents, or just pansy trees submitted by people without sources? How would I find out? How would I be able to say, hey, I’m looking for Phebe Newton, do you have her birth record?

Is it worth my time and gas?


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