May 11, 2009

Madness Monday – Phebe Newton

Posted in Madness Monday at 1:19 PM by Kris P

Monday MadnessAm I obsessed with her? Is she the cause of a certain tinge of insanity called obsession?

Damnit, I know nothing about her, other than they (John Laughlin and Phebe) definitely married, and the date of that marriage was 4 Dec 1794. Looking at the dates that I have for their children, I noticed I do not have death dates for two of the children, a girl and a boy. Could they have died as infants? Could the reason why I don’t have a death date for Phebe be because she died in childbirth?

If you take those theories into account, then the 1810 census in Caldwell County, KY, matches up perfectly. However, there is the Knox County, KY 1810 census that has a John Laughlin neighbors to two Newton families, with the heads of household being named William and Isaac Newton.

Going on a theory that Isaac and William were brothers, I found someone who had two brothers, Isaac and William, in their Newton genealogy, but it seems that her William and Isaac Newton were not the same William and Isaac Newton that I was seeing, as her Newton banch did not go to Kentucky at all.

Well, damn. It still doesn’t discount that perhaps Isaac and William Newton in the 1810 census in Knox Co, KY are family members of Phebe’s. The woman did point me towards a Peter Newton line out of Caroline County, VA.

Its more than I had before, I guess.


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