May 7, 2009

CoG 72: Mothers Present, Mothers Past

Posted in Carnival of Genealogy at 9:24 PM by Kris P

Today was my day off. Wait….let me back up….I’m a mother to two beautiful daughters, one three years old, one 7 months old. I am also a full time worker in a hospital laboratory. I bring the girls to playtimes/story times/craft times four times a week during the weekdays. I make appointments for the entire family, keep appointments for the entire family, etc etc etc. Let’s not forget the genealogy part too.

And today was my day off….from work, since I’m working the weekend. I got up at 6:30 with the baby, played with her a bit, brewed my most immediate need of a strong cup or three of coffee, scarfed down a bowl of cereal, got dressed, and got to my doctor’s appointment by 8 AM. After that, I went to the grocery store to pick up the morning paper and my other daughter’s morning banana. Everyone who has children knows that I have to do this on a day to day basis, instead of getting a bunch of bananas, because if I did something that logical… she would never eat them. 🙂

Then I dressed both the girls, and we headed off to the libary for story time/ craft time where we learned the fascinating lifecycle of frogs and made a cute little frog hand puppet.

From there, we picked up my mother in law for some girl shopping, and three hours later finally got home… 3 PM. As my husband is picking up the pizza for dinner tonight, I sat on the floor with the three year old, while the baby was in her playpen entertaining herself, and had a fascinating time making a beautiful piece of artwork with blue and green fingerpaints with her.

Its drying on the refrigerator now, the older one is sitting on the sofa watching Spongebob and eating a fruitcup, the baby continues to entertain herself with her rattle and froggie toy, and I sit here typing with one of the cats beside me, as a load of laundry goes in the washing machine. As I was washing the finger paint off myself and the older one, I wondered what moms did way back when.

What did Ann Sharp Laughlin do with her brood of six children back in the 1780’s? By the time the youngest, Eleanor, was born in 1780, her oldest John was 10 years old. There certainly weren’t finger paints, and story times at the library, or millions of errands to run. But I still wonder how she didn’t go completely and utterly insane with six children under 10.

What was her day like? I’m sure they had to have had a farm of some sort, grow at least enough to support their family. What was their existence like back then? I suppose that will be my next mission…to find out what types of things they did back in the 1770s…besides fight and win our freedom from the mother country.


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  1. Hi Kris,
    I smiled and saw in your writing what a fantastic Mother you are! I enjoyed going through the day with you and also contemplating just HOW the moms of yester-year did it!

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