May 4, 2009

Madness Monday – Washington County, VA

Posted in Madness Monday at 5:06 PM by Kris P


Washington County, Virginia then was not Washington County, VA now. It took up the entire southwest portion of Virginia back then, and perhaps even some of what we would consider Tennessee now, as the above map shows. The Tennessee border changed quite a few times. The John Laughlin that I’m currently obsessed about (see any previous post about John and Phebe Newton Laughlin) apparently went from Washington County, VA to Kentucky, however, his father bought land in Tennessee.

If anyone has any idea on how to find land records for Alexander Laughlin in early Tenessee, I would be highly appreciative, as it’s been giving me a headache with all the state border changes, however eye-opening it is that state borders were not as cemented back then in the late 1700s as they are now.

Hoping to track his father, it may give me a hint as to where John could have gone with his family. I did find an 1810 census record in Knox County, KY that lists a John Laughlin next door to two Newton families. Is this Phebe’s family? Brothers? Uncles? Cousins?

C’mon Phebe….show yourself to me!


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