April 30, 2009

Carnival time! Peabody, MA

Posted in Carnival of Genealogy at 11:59 AM by Kris P

This was actually one of the most interesting carnivals I’ve done, one that required me to do some research. My family, since the varied times of its emigration, has been a Southern family, with the exception of the Reynolds: Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi. This has been the biggest source of headaches for me, since genealogical records are scanty, in comparison to those kept up in the Northern states. Despite the headaches though, I’m proud to be a Southern girl.

However, Hurricane Katrina changed all that, and somehow my husband and I ended up here in the North Shore area of Massachusetts. I day ago, I went to the library and picked up a copy of Peabody: the first 150 years. So there I was driving to work, at a stoplight, waiting to turn, at Peabody Square. I opened up the first page and read about the North River that ran from the Atlantic Ocean and ended up at what is now Peabody Square.


I looked up, looked around….there was a river here once?! And thus began a very eye-opening learning period. The corner that I turn on to go home from work every night….Minutemen met there at the beginning of the Revolution. Driving home from work that night I tried to imagine what the area might look like, and had no clue. Dirt roads yes, no street lights, check, looking up, I figured there might be a beautiful star-filled night sky, and more trees, definitely more trees. Hopefully, it would be a warm summer night, could you imagine being woken up in the middle of a bitterly cold winter night, having to get out of the warm litle cucoon you’ve made for yourself during the night, and have to meet to fight? *shudders* Guess I’ve been too pampered during my time as a modern 20th century girl. *laughs*

The only time I had ever learned of the Minutemen was during the American Revolution, during US history class in elementary and high school. However, it surprised me to read from US History.org that minutemen had been around since the begining of the colonization. Amazing.

The last thing that really opened my eyes was that the streets that I drive on daily existed in some form, with the same names for over two hundred years! You don’t really see that in New Orleans.

I still want to drive around and take pictures of the really old places though around here. I may do that when I have the kids this weekend.


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  1. Bill West said,

    Hi Kris,
    I know how you feel. I’ve lived here all my lifr and it’s only the past few
    years that I’ve come to appreciate how much I am surrounded by history.

    And of course, New Orleans has a great unique history all it’s own!

    I enjoyed reading this.


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