April 27, 2009

Madness Monday!

Posted in genealogy, Laughlin, Madness Monday at 11:12 AM by Kris P

Monday MadnessThe whole folder thing has really allowed me to focus solely on the main two  branches of my father’s side of the family. Other than John and Phebe, fortunately, I really don’t have many brickwalls on these two branches. I have only done direct ancestry so far and haven’t really gone into the cousins and so forth, though. I’m sure there are walls there somewhere along the line.

I want to print out the 1930 census for my grandmother and her husband (refuse to call him my grandfather…the jerk), and I can’t wait for the 1940 census to come out so I can track his whereabouts as well as that of my grandmother’s and my uncle and dad. Sometimes, this genealogy really makes me wish I could twitch my nose and go back in time, if not to find these people and get the truth from them, but to sometimes (in this case) slap them silly.  Anyone else feel this way, or am I just unique? *goofy grin*

As for John and Phebe, I did find a Newton in the same county at about the same time they were married. The landholder’s name was Shederick Newton. Could be her father, but I’ve been able to find nothing but his baptismal record in Pennsylvania to his parents Hugh and Elinor Newton. No idea if he had children, a wife, nothing. Can’t even really find anything on Hugh and Elinor. So, so far, no true connection there….yet.


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  1. Greta K. said,

    Yes, I’m another one – I long for that time machine almost every day I do any family research.

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