April 26, 2009

Simply a Saturday

Posted in Daughters of the American Revolution, genealogy at 1:20 AM by Kris P

Not much to say here. The DAR meeting was wonderful and very educational. I met another Junior that I am totally impressed with her genealogical research and have taken over her method of keeping records, which include a three ring binder and many page protectors.

I’m really looking forward to being able to finally focus on just one branch at a time.



  1. Jean Wiles said,

    I am very much interested in the John and Phebe Newton Laughlin genealogy. My husbands line is; Nellie Laughlin, daughter of Benjamin Allen Laughlin, son of Bemjamin McDowell laughlin, son of Alexander Laughlin (b) Jan. 01, 1997 to John And Phebe Laughlin. I would like to share with you, will you share with me any/all Laughlin genealogy?

    I eargerly await your reply.
    Jean Wiles

  2. Jean Wiles said,

    PLEASE, allow me a correction, the birth year of Alexander was 1797, not 1997 as stated in the comment up above. Excuse my typo.
    Jean Wiles

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