April 20, 2009

Monday Madness – John and Phebe Laughlin

Posted in genealogy, Laughlin, Madness Monday at 4:40 PM by Kris P

Monday MadnessI can’t say how frustrating this couple has been for me, and my family. As you’ve been able to see in my previous posts, and there’s much conflict as far as where they lived.

According to the McConnell Memorablia (and included Laughlin Bible pages), John Laughlin was born 14 September 1770 to Alexander and Ann Sharp Laughlin. Alexander and Ann are both buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Bristol, Virginia. He married Ann Sharp in Washington County, VA on 09 November 1769. Since the dates are so close together, I’m going to hazard a guess and say that  John was born there as well.

John’s father, Alexander is reputed to have bought land in Sullivan County, Tennessee in about 1782 and 1783. I still have to find those records, but if so, that would put John and the rest of his siblings there as well at that time, since John was only about 12 at the time, that is if they had to move there to buy the land.

However, then, Alexander and Ann somehow end up back in Virginia and die there in the 1800s.

It is agreed upon the three sources I have (Southwest Louisiana Records, the Laughlin Bible, and the Journal of Samuel Hervey Laughlin) that the name of John’s wife was Phebe Newton. Now the where is interesting….Virginia, Tennessee, or Kentucky?

John’s last son, Granville ‘s marriage records on the Southwest Louisiana Records says that he’s from Virginia. Granville’s son, Francis’ death certificate, says Granville was born in Kentucky. The Grace History is quite specific in saying that Granville was born in Caldwell County, Kentucky.

We know nothing about Phebe. We know nothing about John after his marriage date in 1794 (Laughlin Family Bible), other than the names and dates of birth of their children.


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