April 2, 2009

Jumping on the bandwagon: Am I a good or bad genealogy source?

Posted in genealogy at 10:36 PM by Kris P

On this blog post, any genealogy blog is listed as a bad source.

According to this guy, I’m a bad source. I’ll admit, I’m brand-new to this genealogy thing, only have a few months under my belt. However, during my away time from the library and computer research, I do this funny thing called transfusion medicine, otherwise known as “blood banking”. You see, we blood bankers and laboratorians need to be precise. Details mean everything to us. And backing up our testing.

Is Thomason and Thomasson the same person? We question it. We question everything that doesn’t match. Elizabeth R Jones with a date of birth of 01/01/2001, and Elizabeth R Jones with a date of birth of 01/10/2001….same person? We question it. We research it, we test it.

This background has helped me immensely in my exploration of my family roots, to the point where I believe I may drive some people crazy. Later on you will learn about the mystery of John and Phebe, but now, its John’s parents, Ann and Alexander. Another genealogist of the family has their marriage date as 9  November 1769. So far, every source that I’ve found that she’s used, I’ve only found a date of marriage of 9 November 1771. So which is it? I still don’t know, but I am researching every source she used.

What’s the difference of a few years? Well, John was born 1770. Is he illegitimate? Was there a second wedding celebration I don’t know about? Gragh! Another mystery to be pondered, another few hairs to turn gray, another entry for Monday!

Whether I’m a bad source or not is up to my readers to decide. If I write a fact, I have a source to cite. After all, don’t write it if you can’t back it up.



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  1. Good points!

    Welcome to RootsBlogging! ;-D

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