March 31, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday – The Lost Family Tomb

Posted in genealogy, Tombstone Tuesday at 1:06 PM by Kris P

assenheimertomb1(c) Chris Carr Photography

Some of our family are as involved in genealogy as I am, in fact, even more so, really. Guenther has taken pictures of all the known family tombs in New Orleans, so when he found the above picture on the Internet as a New Orleans tomb, he searched his photos. It was nowhere to be found.

It became the new mini-wall for us. We knew that all Assenheimers in New Orleans are related. That is a given. So therefore, this has to be a family tomb, but we didn’t know who was in it or where in New Orleans it was. After some footwork by the Assenheimer genealogy researchers (Kelly, Guenther, Drew and I), we found out yesterday that it was indeed in New Orleans, in the Greenwood cemetary (only a mile or so from the house I grew up in amazingly enough) and Mary Barth Assenheimer is buried in it. She was the wife of the ancestor that we suspected was buried in it. So its not too big of a leap pf faith to believe that he is buried there as well.


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