December 29, 2008

The seed was planted

Posted in genealogy at 8:25 PM by Kris P

I have to say that genealogy only vaguely interested me at one time.  I remember as a little girl, going through the lower drawers of the old rolltop desk in the livingroom and finding old letters that my dad wrote my grandmother when he was overseas.  It fascinated me that stamps were so cheap….and I though the 22 cent stamps were expensive back then!

Then I found this bound manuscript. It was large and it was heavy. I opened it up and glanced at the typographical text. It was a modern day version of the “Begats of Genesis” as I like to call them.  I was entranced. The Laughlins, the Riggs, the Graces. And the Graces of Kilkenny, Ireland.

With a maiden name like Laughlin, Irish was as part of my blood as the German part. But little did I know how deeply the detailed history of my family would entrance me.


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